Hint of Life

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  • Background:
    Five front cover illustrations for the paperback edition of “Hints for Life”, 6-million copies of best-seller by a popular Japanese writer Hiroyuki Itsuki. Total of five volumes are sold, one every month for five months.

    Voices of Creatures.
    These are essays full of hints for quality life so I chose five creatures perhaps more powerful and wiser than human beings - swan, wolf, cat, napoleon fish, and whale- as if they are talking to us.

    Successfully launched. The 5-month consecutive publication campaign gained huge attention and positive reputations of consumers. The campaign has resulted in the most proactive and positive feedback for the publisher, Shueisya
  • 日本の有名作家・五木寛之氏の600万部売れたベストセラーエッセイ「生きるヒント」の文庫カバーイラストレーション・5連作品。この書籍は、五木寛之さんによる人生の教訓となるエッセイがたくさん詰まった本の内容であるため、生きることに関して人間よりも逞しく、賢い生き物たち「Swan」「Wolf」「Cat」「Napoleon Fish」「Whale」をモチーフに選び、その生き物たちが語りかけてくるような生き生きとした表現を目指した。
  • Illustration: Takahisa Hashimoto
    Art Director : Kenji Takahashi
    Publisher: Shueisha 集英社文庫

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