My Husband’s Dick Won’t Go In

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  • Artwork for "My Husband's Dick Won't Go In"
    main visual work for a new FOD & Netflix drama series, "My Husband's Dick Won't Go In".
    The drama is based on a sensational autobiographical novel, which became viral immediately in various media outlets and SNS after publication. I can't say much but it is a new form of a couple and their sex life.
  • 『夫のちんぽが入らない』アートワーク
  • CD: Mariko Ogata(Tang)
    AD: Nana Sekiya(Hakuhodo Creative Vox)
    Illustration: Takahisa Hashimoto
    Client: Fujitv&Netflix

Eiffel tower & Crepe |French pan | T-fal Japan

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