Uji-shimizu Tea sticks (Sweetened Matcha) | Ippodo Tea Co.

Project Info +

  • A package for Uji Shimizu Sweetened Matcha tea by Ippodo tea company, a renowned Japanese tea brand in Kyoto. The package was developed around the concept of "changing wardrobe" since this tea can be enjoyed both hot and iced. Visual of a half-naked moustached man is used in summer while the same man in his coat and scarf appears in winter. (A barcode-embedded design is exclusively patented by Design Barcode)

  • 京都の日本茶の老舗・一保堂茶舗の宇治清水のパッケージです。
  • Illustration : Takahisa Hashimoto
    Creative Direction : Minoru Yoshida (Design Barcode)
    Art Direction : Hidenori Hiraide (Design Barcode)


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