Society of Illustrators New York Gold Medalist Takahisa Hashimoto was Art Director at non-Japanese advertising agencies before he set up his own company, “Takahisa Hashimoto Illustrations” in 2013. He is known for a unique style of merging traditional Indian Mithila painting and contemporary illustration. His primitive yet organic illustrations covering from package design through communication strategy has earned high reputation. Takahisa values freedom of drawing while working for creative with ideas that disrupt the norm.

デザインファーム「VISIONIQUE」代表取締役。ミティラー画(マドゥバニ・ペインティングとも呼ばれる)インドの民族細密画と現代イラストレーションとの手法を融合させた独創的なクリエイティブワークは国際的にも高い評価を得ている。描く自由を大切にしながら、世の中の価値をひっくり返すアイデアのある作品づくりを目指している。企業とのコラボレーションやアートワークも提供。近年は、マドゥバニ・ペインティングのワークショップ、エキシビションも国内外で積極的に行っている。 ワークショップ、エキシビションも国内外で積極的に行っている。

Client & Works
NETFLIX “My Husband’s Dick Won’t Go In” Art work
Front cover of “Hints for Life”
Tobu Department Store  Christmas 2013-2015  Campaign 
MAZDA Car Papercraft  Campaign
Front cover of  “Ms. Akita’s  Egg”
San Francisco Wine Bottle「Hidden Crush」
Magazine-President, TRANSIT, WIRED, Yoga jornal

Awards include
Society of Illustrators - Gold , Merit (New York)
Art Directors Club - Gold(New York)
3×3 Pro Show  - Gold (New York)
American Illustration (New York)
One Show Design - Bronze, Merit(New York)
Award Award  - Bronze(Asia)
Global Design Award -  Gold, Silver, Bronze, Judge's choice (Hong Kong)
200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Archive - 4 Times 
Artexpo New York -Top10 Artst
Asia Pacific Advertising Festival - Bronze
London International Awards, Cannes International
Tokyo Art Director Annual, 
Tokyo Illustration Society, 
Tokyo Type Directors Club Awards, 
International Poster Triennial in Toyama Aomori Triennale 

2022 Mithila Museum Collection @The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
2021 Osaka Poster Exhibition@ Osaka, Japan
2021 Society of Illustrators of NY @ New York
2020 Osaka Poster Exhibition@ Osaka, Japan
2020 Society of Illustrators of NY @ New York
2018  Solo Exhibition “ Deep little jungle”@Tokyo,Japan
2017 Society of Illustrators of NY @ New York
2016  SoloExhibition “New Flowers”@Tokyo
2016 “What’s  Japan?” @Kyoto, Bunpaku Luck
2016  Surajkund International Crafts Mera@India
2014 GO-SEES art exhibition@Macau
2011 Artexpo New York@ New York
2011  Solo Exhibition” Snowflakes“@ Tokyo
2007  Tokyo illustration Society @ THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO
2009  Society of Illustrators@ New York

Workshop & Lecture 
2017 MacFan”「Wakatsuki Works World”Conversation
2016 Flicker! iPad Interview
2016  Fukui university Junior high school「Mirai Kaigi」Lecture
2016 Opening ceremony “Drawing Fantasia”@Tsuruga station Olpark
2015 Green pivnic Workshop @ Fukui 
2014 CINRA.NET  Interview
2014「GO-SEES」Draw The Sun Workshop @Macau
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